We are a company that entrust a philosophy of collaboration, we believe on creating inter & multidisciplinary teams. The generation of diversity and multi-cultural & professional backgrounds has given us an amazing understanding of how rewarding this structure implies to the company and to our people.

We are a company conformed by people that are constantly pushing our boundaries and taking on challenges while inspiring integrity and trust among us. We are motivated by our decisions and achievements in order to impulse a constant spiral of growth and feedback that take us further.


Our people enjoy great perks, in Abraxas we realize constant fun group activities in order to improve our collaboration skills and integration amongst ourselves. From sport competitions, free language and professional courses, fun teamwork challenges, etc. We thrive to learn from each other, making us a passionate and enthusiastic company.

 Growth Spirit


Great Benefits

We are also looking for passionate people. 

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If you are an enthusiast and passionate person looking forward to work with us, send us a message to:


+52 (55) 3869 0120


mon - fry 10am - 6pm CST

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