We develop up-to-date computational pipelines for genomic, biological and clinical data analysis through customized strategies in order to obtain fast and accurate results.


Our services are:
Cancer genomics

  • Functional annotation of variants.

  • Microarray analysis.

  • Whole-genome sequencing analysis.

  • Exome-seq analysis

  • Variants identification.

  • Patient stratification.


RNA-seq, mRNA-seq, Small RNA-seq, Targeted RNA-seq, Whole transcriptome analysis.

  • Differential expression.

  • Gene enrichment analysis.

  • Biomarker discovery.

  • Transcriptome de novo assembly.

  • Variants identification.

Microarray Data analysis

  • Differential expression.

  • Variants identification.

  • Methylation array data analysis.

Whole-genome Sequencing analysis

  • Genome assembly de Novo.

  • Variants identification.

    • Structural variants.​

    • Somatic variants.

    • Copy number variation (CNV).

  • Haplotype reconstruction.


GEMAS is a intuitive and powerful platform for diferential expression analysis of microarray data for a wide range of genomic applications. GEMAS will bring you through each step of the analysis with its smart tutor.